FEC Itemizer 2020 Presidential Campaign Financial Summaries

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2020 Presidential Candidate Summaries

CandidateDate ThroughReceiptsFrom Small-Dollar DonorsTransfers InSpendingCashLoansDebts
Donald J. Trump (R)June 30$109,117,98665%$61,057,616$85,884,078$40,762,193$0$528,116
Bernie Sanders (D)June 30$46,348,28277%$10,101,500$19,079,332$27,269,050$0
Elizabeth Warren (D)June 30$35,654,98467%$10,415,000$15,873,821$19,781,162$0
Pete Buttigieg (D)June 30$32,337,55449%$0$9,668,682$22,668,872$0
John Delaney (D)June 30$26,341,5508%$0$18,962,989$7,442,613$24,030,000$16,193,250
Kamala Harris (D)June 30$25,090,94841%$1,202,494$11,820,487$13,272,360$0$65,000
Joe Biden (D)June 30$22,043,82938%$0$11,146,879$10,897,067$0$0
Kirsten Gillibrand (D)June 30$14,899,16726%$9,600,000$6,658,511$8,240,657
Beto O'Rourke (D)June 30$13,020,99155%$0$7,824,422$5,196,569$0
Amy Klobuchar (D)June 30$12,710,25435%$3,575,275$6,000,134$6,710,120$0
Cory Booker (D)June 30$12,470,61521%$2,725,000$7,110,109$5,360,506$0$51,989
Tulsi Gabbard (D)June 30$6,062,97461%$2,500,000$3,624,419$2,438,555$0
Jay Inslee (D)June 30$5,308,24645%$4,122,616$1,185,630$171,991
Andrew Yang (D)June 30$5,274,80866%$0$4,424,826$847,659$0
Julián Castro (D)June 30$3,906,39063%$2,972,847$1,136,053
Michael Bennet (D)June 30$3,506,96824%$700,000$1,313,723$2,193,245
John Hickenlooper (D)June 30$3,172,77615%$2,336,500$836,276
Marianne Williamson (D)June 30$3,070,68328%$0$2,522,791$551,359$0$302,366
Eric Swalwell (D)June 30$2,586,12838%$1,700,000$2,057,387$528,741$0$10,398
Steve Bullock (D)June 30$2,071,21122%$0$580,989$1,490,222$0$0
Seth Moulton (D)June 30$1,940,00324%$684,750$1,215,626$724,378$0$98,019
Bill de Blasio (D)June 30$1,087,5649%$0$359,044$728,520$0$71,196
Tim Ryan (D)June 30$889,39929%$0$554,341$335,058$0
Bill Weld (R)June 30$871,85236%$0$572,627$299,225$180,800$226,458
Mike Gravel (D)June 30$209,26197%$0$94,612$114,649$0$0
Wayne Messam (D)June 30$93,81330%$0$62,666$31,146$0
Presidential campaigns report their financial activity to the Federal Election Commission on a regular schedule. Use this page to see how much the 2020 candidates have raised and spent. These figures are only from each candidate's official campaign; they do not include party committee or joint fundraising committee totals. The percent of money raised from small-dollar donors refers to the total amount given by individuals who have contributed less than $200 to that candidate.
Sources: Federal Election Commission; ProPublica Campaign Finance API
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